Thursday, June 21, 2012

Now that MSHA has come and gone

The Coal Canary Cannery has been offline for quite some time but it hasn't been abandoned completely. Lets pretend together that the coal mine filled up with mud and water and other nastiness and had to be pumped out to be useful again. That's more or less what happened.

I am several states away from where I was when I started this. United States, mental states, physical states, emotional states, spiritual states. But we are good to go now. The mine has been cleaned out, MSHA has cleared everything for work to begin and the canary is back in the cannery.

Right now the hope is that once a month over the summer will bring a canning bee in which I teach some friends how to do some cool stuff in the kitchen. This month (this Saturday) the plan is to strawberry pick in the morning and jam all afternoon. I also have notes from things that never made it on here from before and the few things I managed to sneak in while I was wandering around the world and if those make it in to text you will see them also.